DC Refrigerator Repair Services

dc refrigerator repair technicianWhether it’s the ice-maker that doesn’t seem to be dispensing ice anymore or some strange noises coming from the back of your refrigerator, one thing is for sure; you will need a professional refrigerator repair service to help you out. We at DC appliance Repair Experts do invest much time and money in ensuring you get the best quality services. From trained professionals to proper equipment, you name it, we’ve got it. In fact, when in need of the best refrigerator repair Washington DC contractor, we are the people to contact. Just call 202-367-9166 and watch your refrigerator system kick back to life.

Common refrigerator problems

  1. Refrigerator not cooling properly
  2. Refrigerator stops working completely
  3. Strange noises
  4. Ice maker doesn’t dispense ice
  5. Freezer door pops open when closing the unit

Benefits of hiring the best refrigerator repair Washington DC service

Keeping in mind how valuable a refrigerator is to a home, it goes unsaid that much effort should be geared towards finding the best appliance repair service Washington DC has to offer. Still, at a time when the cost of services and products seem to be ever rising one would wonder whether it is really beneficial to hire us and part with a small fee or try fixing the whole thing on their own. Here’s why you should call us;

1. 24/7 emergency services – Be it an ungodly hour or worse yet a holiday, we at DC Appliance repair experts are always here to answer to your calls and deliver the services that you need. The best part is you do not have to worry about a cranky care support attendant on the other side of the phone because we are always glad to hear from our esteemed customers.

2. No hidden costs – Unlike most refrigerator repair services that will often quote a price only to hike it up once the project is done. We do understand how frustrating and betraying this can be what with the economic recession. Therefore, we make a point of calculating the total cost accurately and honestly the moment you call us. This way, you can make your own budget and not have to worry about extra expenses.

3. Same day On-site service – If you thought you’d have to wait a day or two before we come knocking on your door, then think again. Once you make your call, depending on your location, you can be sure we will be on your door in the shortest time possible. We also deliver our refrigerator services with the same precision giving you nothing but worth for your money.

4. No service call fee – Get to enjoy completely free service calls when you call us for a repair. As if this is not good enough, the repair services are also affordable enough ensuring you do not mess up your budget while calling up for our services.

Our areas of specialty

  • Walk-in
  • Glass door
  • Mini Fridge
  • Build in
  • Freezer
  • Stand Alone
  • Under counter
  • Ice maker

Brands we repair

  • Subzero
  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Whirlpool
  • GE
  • KitchenAid

Going by the information provided in this read, it is almost obvious that trying to handle a refrigerator repair on your own is a definite disaster for recipe. Call us at 202-367-9166 DC Appliance Repair experts today and get a taste of professionalism and high quality service at its best. We are the refrigerator repair Washington DC service that will solve all your problems.